Proudly providing quality machine work to Phoenix for over 40 years.

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From our years of experience modifying stock, superior and marine motors, we have picked up the aptitude and information expected to accurately recondition and amass pretty much any sort of gas, liquor or diesel motor. At whatever point a motor is machined and amassed by our professionals, we generally ensure all resistances are inside particulars guaranteeing that each bit of your motor fits together flawlessly, subsequently permitting it to accomplish it’s greatest power yield, unwavering quality and longevity.

Reason two

The quality of work we provide is unrivaled in the Valley

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Reason three

We would still get calls from all of our regular customers pleading to work on their motors!

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We wouldn’t still be in business after 40 years if we provided anything but quality work and fair pricing

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What our customers say

These guys did a fantastic job on the heads for my 289. The engine was blowing smoke out the tailpipe after having taken the heads to another machine shop. Kelly’s Machine Ship explained the entire process from breakdown, to buildup, i got some Positive stop seals put on, replaces valve seats. All for a great price, they even re threaded some holes for me for free without my asking for it! Freddy

This is the second time I took a pair of heads in and they did an absolute fantastic job on them!! I first brought in a pair of gm 3.4l heads that had pits in the aluminum. A lot of people said to but new heads because they were as good as done. But then I took them to Kelly’s and they completely restored them for far less than a new set would have been! And today I just picked up a set of 3.0l taurus heads for a project I’m doing and they restored them to brand new! They even gave me new keepers and valve guides!!! I will always come to these guys with all of my projects!! Thanks guys! Robert Henderson

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